That’s it?

So they countered, by a couple of grand.  Done.  Shit.  We’re buying a house in Italy. So…on to the preliminary contracts and the laundry list of things to be done before we could actually get on with buying the place.

The offer

We decided.  We were going to make an offer on the house. We didn’t want to make an offer that the sellers would find offensive but we definitely needed to get a good deal on this house.  It was old, it had been empty, so you never know what unexpected things might come up. After... Continue Reading →

48 hours in Italy

We’re headed to Italy to see this house near Vesime/Perletto one last time to see if we really think we like it.  It was the first one I ever really looked at online so that would be weird if it all works out.  We really just want to find a place that is livable as-is... Continue Reading →

Should we? Shouldn’t we?

Now that we had run all around this particular area of Piedmont, we needed to decide if this was really something we wanted or not.  Earlier in the year I had gone a little crazy with planning weekend travel since Ryanair had a crazy Brexit sale on airfare (I mean, we may never be able... Continue Reading →

House Hunting Weekend

Oh my.  Things are not as close in Piedmont as they seem on the map.  We spent A LOT of time in the car and I have to give our kiddo kudos as she was very patient.  Gelato bribes are very helpful 🙂 We stayed near Acqui Terme in a lovely hotel called Villa Scati... Continue Reading →

Maybe we can afford a house in Italy?

Just out of curiosity, I started looking at houses online.  I figured it was just wishful thinking.  Turns out, there are some affordable places out there...woohoo! We spent the next month or two trolling around online looking at different types of properties, different prices, in a variety of locations.  We made a list, only 14... Continue Reading →

How it all started…

So aside from the fact that we love travel, pasta, cheese, wine and many other things Italian, we have been falling for Piedmont for the last year and a half (at least).

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