Favorite places

We are always ready to share our favorite things…here’s our favorite foodie places, hope you can visit and try them out!  What we have definitely learned is that simpler is better around here – heed the advice!

Osteria del Vecchio Gallo in Alba – This is great for lunch or dinner, the service and people are very nice, you can sit outside in nice weather but those tables go fast.

Tratorria della Torre in Perletto – Nice for weekend lunch, plan for about two hours and go hungry.  Good local food and wine.

Pizzeria la Torre in Cortemilia – Really good pizza, tons of choices.  Our faves are the Faffy, Genoa and Diavolo (like I mentioned before – simple).  They also do takeaway for those days where you are so covered in paint, you shouldn’t be seen public.

La Corte di Cannobio in Cortemilia – super rich and creamy gelato.  Neil and I loved it, Ro thought is was too rich.  They have lovely hazelnut tortes (not too sweet) and great biscuits/cookies.  Its also a wine shop/bar but we haven’t been around at wine o’clock to try it out yet.

Baladin in Cortemilia – good craft beer and ginormous hamburgers.  Open very late for any party animals.

Ristorante della Posta in Olmo Gentile – the view from Olmo Gentile is lovely at sunset although the restaurant itself doesn’t have the views.  Its run by three sisters and the food was superb and the service excellent!  Warning – if you go for dinner it is extremely dark driving back down the hill.  But worth any white knuckles on the way home.

Osteria del Bramante in Roccaverano – this is the highest point in the area and has views of the Alps on a clear day.  The views of the surrounding valleys are spectacular.  The Osteria was a nice lunch but surprising…Neil ordered tortellini with wine sauce but the sauce was just wine.  Interesting way to have pasta but not our favorite.  Everything else was good, small menu but a variety of options.  After lunch Neil and Rowan climbed to the top of the medieval tower – even better views form up there!

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