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A little bit about us…

Amy is from Texas and Neil is from the UK (Essex to be more particular).  We met while Amy was working in London back in 2008.  Neil was her personal trainer but after a while we had to stop training together because Amy stopped listening and wouldn’t do as she was told.  Several years of marriage later, she still doesn’t listen all that well but she thinks Neil is going deaf so its a wash. 🙂

We have a daughter, Rowan, who was born in Texas but we’ve since moved back to England.  She has the attitude of a Texan with and English accent and is rarely seen without a hat!  We have instilled in her a love of travel so she’s always ready to grab her backpack and escape somewhere new for a weekend.

In our travels over the last few years, we always loved the time we spent in Italy and Piedmont in particular.  This is the story of our quest to spend more time and build a life in Italy, even if it isn’t a full-time pursuit (yet)…


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