Throwing in the towel

6 days in.  5 days with no hot water.  4 trips to the hardware store. 3 huge buckets of paint. 4 new power tools.  5 tubs of patching compound.  I’m done.

So we spent Friday in Alba and Saturday in Acqui Terme.  Friday was a lovely day; it was a public holiday in Italy.  We had a long lunch at the Osteria del Vecchio Gallo in the middle of town.  We did some shopping and bought some local wine and cheese (of course).  We stopped for gelato at a new gelato shop – Rowan got strawberry but since it was so warm, the gelato was quite soft.  Soft enough for her to lick the top of her gelato off the cone and onto the street.  First time ever and I promise it will be the last – she has been extremely careful with her gelato ever since. Minutes after the gelato disaster, the heavens opened and we had a 15-minute downpour.  While it wasn’t the greatest timing, it did wash away the gelato and ease the humidity a bit.

As reliable as a bloodhound, my husband found a local beer festival in Acqui Terme.  We spent Saturday afternoon there eating and drinking all sorts of local beers.  It was a great find!  It was also a nice break from plaster dust and paint fumes.  I love having this house but I also don’t want to spend all our “vacation”  time sweating and working on it – we want to enjoy Italy!  Which is what we did.

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