The countdown

We have so much stuff but we don’t have enough stuff.  We have been planning the magical move of things to Italy and trying to figure out what we need to bring with so that we don’t have to buy it in Italy (where we would have to find it) and so we can leave it down there.  Ro gets a few new shorts and t-shirts, everybody gets new sheets and duvets and all sorts of random kitchen stuff goes into boxes.

Back in February we had moved into a smaller house in the UK and all the extraneous furniture, etc went into storage to be moved to Italy once we closed on the house.  We rented a decent sized storage unit and proceeded to cram everything we didn’t need into it.  It was like a giant jenga room – pull one thing out and everything collapses.  It didn’t stop me from piling more stuff into it in each possible nook and cranny.

There is only so much you can do from a foreign country and Lesley (again) was helpful in answering some last-minute questions.  The movers were scheduled to arrive on May 23rd so at least there was a hard stop to all our random ideas and lists of things we’d need.  We spent Sunday the 21st doing all the last minute things, repacking a few boxes, filing up a suitcase, sorting shoes and then we figured that was as good it was going to get!

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