Things to do

We had to physically sign the initial documents so the papers went to Switzerland, then Surrey, then to us in London.  I got to meet the fiancé of one of the sellers as he kindly dropped the papers by my office.  We signed and sent them off to Italy – we’re now “officially” committed.

So…once you decide to buy a house in Italy, lots of things must line up.

  1. Codice fiscale (tax code) for each of you
  2. Italian bank accounts
  3. Verification of the land rights/area
  4. Verification that the current physical house matched up with the plans local government office(s) have on file

Our estate agent Lesley was fabulous.  She knows a lot of people in the area and helped us sort out the codice fiscale as well as our bank account.  #4 was where we took a detour.  The gentleman that owned the house previously was doing a lot of work to it – converting stables to a studio, adding a sun deck, replacing all the doors and windows, walling in a few open areas.  All this work wasn’t completed when he passed away so the house and the plans didn’t exactly tie out.  The sellers had to go through a long process with the geometra and local commune to get it all straightened out.

We had been hoping to close at the end of March (happy birthday to me!) but with this wrinkle, it was more likely to be the end of April.

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