48 hours in Italy

We’re headed to Italy to see this house near Vesime/Perletto one last time to see if we really think we like it.  It was the first one I ever really looked at online so that would be weird if it all works out.  We really just want to find a place that is livable as-is but has the potential and space to be someplace really amazing.

We flew out on Friday evening, getting into Alba very late – but not too late for a glass of wine. 🙂

We got up on Saturday, had some breakfast (and the best coffee EVER cuz its Italian) and met Lesley at the house mid-morning.  Since we didn’t have 18 different places to visit, we had a chance to really look around the house and see if this was IT.

January in Piedmont is coooold and the inside of a super old stone house is even colder.  But we opened all the doors and poked around and measured rooms and all that.  We wandered around the land to see if we could see any further down to the stream but no luck.  The view was great as the neighbour had cut down some of the trees so you could really see the vineyards and hazelnut groves.  We definitely liked it.

We went and wandered around Cortemilia after looking at the house but not much was open – apparently most of Italy shuts down for the first two to three weeks of January.  Good to know for future, wish we had known when we decided this was a good weekend to go!  We headed back to Alba and pottered around, getting gelato of course.

Sunday we decided to head back to the area near the house and have lunch at a local trattoria.  It was lovely!  No menu, order wine by the grape, all sorts of antipasti local to the area, fabulous pasta.  We rolled out of the trattoria after 2 hours, full to the brim.  We drove around some of the nearby towns and stopped by the house again before heading to the airport.

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