Should we? Shouldn’t we?

Now that we had run all around this particular area of Piedmont, we needed to decide if this was really something we wanted or not.  Earlier in the year I had gone a little crazy with planning weekend travel since Ryanair had a crazy Brexit sale on airfare (I mean, we may never be able to go to Europe again so we should travel while we still can).  The good news was that travel means you get to spend lots of time together – what better time to debate the pros and cons of an Italian holiday house?

Every time we talked it was the same list of questions, issues, positives and negatives….It’s in another country.  Do we like Italy THIS much? What if airfare gets (more) expensive? Is it realistic to be able to go for the weekend?  It’s in Italy!  The countryside is peaceful. It’s safe and it’s relaxed.  The food and wine are lovely.  It might be too expensive.  Do we need/want to spend this kind of money on a house?  We already have a house – do we need another?  We get to have land!  We could retire here.  We could have chickens and orchards and gardens.  We could buy a money pit and turn into Tom Hanks and Shelly Long.  We could rent it out (eventually) and make some money.  Will it be impossible to manage in another country?

We figured that we should go see the house we liked the best that ticked the most boxes and then decide.  Italy, here we come!

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